Friday, November 30, 2007

Saving lives

Sorry for no post yesterday, I was protecting my teachers life in the time I should have been blogging. He was on a ladder messing with some wires, and it happened to be right near my computer, so I took the responsibility of holding the ladder, and therefore securing his life. Judging by the surroundings and how high he was on the ladder, he surely would have suffered serious injury, possibly death without my supervision. Dear reader, you have never seen somebody hold a ladder like I held that ladder. Because of my braveness and dedication, our teacher is still alive. The tek that applies is 19. (A) Saving lives is more important than class work. If you were wondering if this is a real tek or not, all I am going to say is that the teks only go to number 18. Expect numbers 20 and up coming soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Today i worked on a pamphlet. It threw me for a loop, trying to think of the folds while just looking at it on a computer. That is really all I have to say for today. I was not given enough time to blog so sorry this is not all the enjoyment i know you readers crave from me dropping knowledge, as I have a tendency to do. The teks that applies is 5. (A) describe and apply different quality control techniques in computer technology. There is no rhyme or reason for this tek, other than that I am quality, and that word appears in the tek.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


On the topic of saving that endangered bear and therefore saving the world, please read this blog.

Endangered Angel

Now you can call me insensitive, but I have never been one to care about endangered species. That is at least, until today. Upon browsing national geographic pictures, as I tend to do daily, I came across a bad ass bear. Many were cool, but this one, especially in this picture, proves why it should hands down be the first endangered species saved. Here is what all the hype is about:

If you do not want to save this bear, than you are a terrible person. This is the spectacled bear and is the last of the "short-faced bears." I am going to turn myself from the blogging messiah to the endangered angel and I will save this bear. The spectacled bear will live. Mark my words, dear reader, I will save this species.
The teks that applies is 17. (D) identify characteristics of good leaders because I have established that I am a good leader because I am taking the initiative in saving this bear. Stay Classy reader.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Zoho Zombies

My friend Joel posted a blog about how he hated which is an online word processor. Nobody reads his blog other than James, Jack, and I, but some zoho representative left him a comment asking him what his problems where and if he could help. That is nuts. How would someone have even found my friends blog, nonetheless felt the need to comment on it. Regardless, now I am scared of the evil empire zoho is with its eye on all things going on. Treachery against zoho will be punished dear reader. Watch your back, because zoho is clearly watching theirs. No tek applies to this, it is far to ridiculous.

Here my friends blog if you were curious. Link

Monday, November 19, 2007


Red Sox vs Yankees, Ali vs Frazier, and RGB vs CMYK. That's right. RGB and CMYK have been long time rivals, and there feud will not end soon. They are not actually enemies. They are just different. RGB is better for looking at on a computer, CMYK is better for printing. Now you know. You can look up more if you would like but i just wanted to give it to you simple and straight. The TEK that applies is 2. (C) distinguish between mainframe, workstation, personal, and other computer systems. It is this for the sole reason that I ran out of time and copied the first one I could find. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lucrative Logos

So for all of you reading my last blog in anticipation, here is the logo:

I think it is simple, yet attractive. My school is the McCallum knights, so we wanted a knight logo on there, and how can you even imagine recycling without the three arrows in their circular motion, as has defined recycling for my entire life. Ideas of a knight jousting a trash can, and a knight sneaking up and attacking a litterer ran through my mind, but in the end this one was the simplest and least violent. If you like or dislike it, please let me know. A poor logo means a poor project. Please help me succeed.

Also today I emailed goodwill about how we can mutually help each other. I will update you on how that works out shortly.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Intense Adobe

Today was spent designing a logo for our project. It is a simple combination of a knight logo and the typical recycling sign, but for some reason it was not nearly as easy as it sounded. I had to play around with adobe illustrator and photoshop for quite some time. Good stuff though. Very worth while. 3. (C) use graphic software to create and modify images is the TEK that somes up my day quite nicely as it always seems to do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Messiah forms an alliance

The wiki, my sworn enemy, is now on my side. Today i created a wiki to get the word out about a project I am doing with Joel, James, and Jack about computer recycling. If any of you faithful readers are interested, click here the Teks that applies is 6. (B) identify, select, and sequence the proper computer resources to complete a project. This TEK applies because I realized the Wiki si required, so I used it, even though i hate it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Bridge

Alright so here i have designed a bridge that only has one joint:

It works because all the members are connected to that one joint, so it disperses the stress between all the members and stands. Every member is crucial though. If i remove any of them, the bridge will be unstable:

I changed the width of some of the members. It is completly symmetrical ,so the width of each member corresponds to the width of its reflection on the other side of the joint. The widths from right to left, go 120, 250, 220, 200, 180, 170, 170, 180, 200, 220, 250, 120 (all mm). The outside ones are further from the joint and therefor incur more stress so they must be wider. If I decrease the one that is 250, even just to 240, that member will collapse:

For each member I decrease, that member will collapse. And regardless of which one it is, it breaks the same way. Watch me change one of the inside ones to get the exact same result, just on a different member:

Since there are so few members, it makes each one all the more critical. The only other thing that can be changed is the members going across the top. These cannot go below 140 mm, but if they do:

Absolute failure occurs. So moral of the story is, thats each member works off the other members and if you change one, it has a big impact on the bridge. Each member plays its part, and if you do not want to wasteful, and be efficient like this bridge, make it so no member can be removed or made skinner.
The last thin there is to see is if i move the joint. If I move it to either side, the imbalance causes it to immediately collapse. If i move it down, there is more stress, because the members are longer, so they cannot handle it. If i move it up, the entire bridge just falls down. I will show you an image of when I move the joint up:

The total cost of the bridge that actually works is $400,000. and there is nothing that can be changed on this design to make it cheaper. Other designs may be cheaper, but this is at its ultimate low.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

True Trauma

Today we did a study review for our six weeks test in this class. Now this seems like a good thing that will benefit me, except it was 127 true/false questions and was structured such that the first 75 questions were all true, and the rest false. Putting true 75 times in a row is very frustrating. Feel my pain, dear reader, for the true/false question is an evil disciple of the wiki. Not really, they are really unrelated, but I hate both. That is what brings them together, and will ultimately lead to both of their demises. 4. (B) conduct research and experimentation in computer technology. Enjoy that gem from the TEKs reader. I just randomly picked that one, but every single thing written in the TEKs curriculum is pure genius so there you go. Now to somehow actually qualify this TEK, I guess i could say that a conducted research on the trauma brought on through 75 true answers in a row on a computer study guide.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wasteful Wyatt

Back to the bridge designer i spoke of in the past, there is a contest being held for different categories of bridges. One of the categories is least expensive bridge. Well, instead of competing in this I decided to make the bridge that was the biggest possible waste of money. The program limits the amount of pieces you use, but I designed a bridge that cost $95,000,000. To put that in context, the bridge that will win cheapest is about $100,000. Now My bridge is not attractive, and definitely not efficient, but nonetheless it works. Hopefully nobody ever will think a design like mine is a good idea. If so I will have a new cause to fight for. Until next time, dear reader, enjoy this beautiful quote from the TEKs, "apply the universal systems model to computer activities" (1.(A)). Ah, music to my ears.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Heart of Darkness

I am losing inspiration, dear reader. I cannot think of something interesting to write, and include something I learned in class and a TEK that applies. The public school system has drained me of all things creative. I know longer want to be a messiah nor do I feel i have the energy left to spread the word to the people. My kryptonite, came about in the class that started everything. Who would've known. There is really no TEK that applies to life, and therefore, no TEK that applies to this post, for my heart and soul are being poured out to you, dear reader, but conformity has gotten the best of me. 1. (A) apply computer technology to individual or community problems. Feed me motivation dear reader, because without your support I will be engulfed in the dark heart of public schooling. Do not let your prophet perish.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Dropping Knowledge

Today we watched presentations in class. What did I learn? In all honesty, not very much at all about the topics being presented. What I did learn, was that you should not sway back and forth while giving a presentation. It is not only distracting, but it makes the presenter look like a fool. So for all you readers planning a presentation out there, read these words closely, for you do not want to be the fool who has good information to tell, but nobody listening to inform.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Messiah is Baffled

I am not an easily angered person. As a prophet, it is my duty to keep my emotions in check. However, when it comes to a Rubik's cube, I lose all control. There is nothing more frustrating in the world than a Rubik's cube. I can expresses to you, dear reader, how many friendships i have broken and inanimate objects that have faced my wrath due to the anger brought on from this god forsaken cube. The TEKs that applies, is "describe how technology has affected individuals, societies, cultures, economies, and environments" and this is very relevant because the technology of the cube has greatly affected me and everyone around me in a terrible, terrible way.