Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lucrative Logos

So for all of you reading my last blog in anticipation, here is the logo:

I think it is simple, yet attractive. My school is the McCallum knights, so we wanted a knight logo on there, and how can you even imagine recycling without the three arrows in their circular motion, as has defined recycling for my entire life. Ideas of a knight jousting a trash can, and a knight sneaking up and attacking a litterer ran through my mind, but in the end this one was the simplest and least violent. If you like or dislike it, please let me know. A poor logo means a poor project. Please help me succeed.

Also today I emailed goodwill about how we can mutually help each other. I will update you on how that works out shortly.


castleshadow said...

Hi Wyatt, This is Anita Prentice here. I like your logo - the knight is well balanced in the middle of the green arrows - not as easy as it sounds, since the knight is so asymmetrical. also the details are very clear and both elements stand out, and the colors work together in a way that is not banal.
So, I don't think the public school system has sapped ALL your creativity yet. Blog postings are often hard to come up with, though. There's always the "query" mode....such as, "Dear Readers, I saw [special effect/weird ad/strange unusual image/etc] I wonder how they did that? And why? What do you think?"

What do you think?


Robert Wilder said...

Wyatt & his logo are da Bomb!