Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bridge Designer

Today in class I played with this program called west point bridge designer. The name tells it all, you build bridges. I was not very skilled in my bridge making but I saw the potential for good things. While this just further strengthened the notion that engineering would be the completely wrong path for me to take in college, it was a great way to spend 50 minutes. The all knowing TEKs includes the statement "use a variety of computer resources to complete a project"and I could not think of anything better to describe my day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Costume Crisis

I hate Halloween. I was so excited for this year, I had a super tight costume of the burger king. The only thing better than watching that creepy guy on commercials, would be actually being that creepy guy in real life. However, the costume was swooped up by someone else leaving me with no costume. My other choices would be the Pillsbury dough boy, or the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, but these costumes do not exist. I have no intent on making my own costume for it would not look nearly as good so I am now at a complete lose. And, dear reader, I have some bad news, I was told that i need to start including portions from the TEKs in my blog. Now the TEKs are the curriculum for classes in the state of classes and include all the fell good statements, like teaches children how to solve problems, and teaches children to work together and not discriminate. So to moralize this rant of a blog, a will close by saying that i will use the problem solving skills I gained from computer applications class to think of some way to get a sweet costume for Halloween.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Messiah Goes to College

Sorry for my absence, dear reader, for I have been confronted with conformity. While the blog is my passion, my life, college is a looming barrier. Society seems to believe one must go to college to better their lives, while I believe one must just blog. Anyway, i gave in to peer pressure, and was on college visits for the last couple of days. I visited the University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie-Mellon, Boston University, and Lehigh. After the visit, i realized college is not a waste, for it is a new civilization to enlighten with the will of the blog. I will enter the heart of darkness and bring the blog to the savages who have lived their life without meaning. Wish me luck, dear reader, for my task is not easy. But nothing is to difficult for the blogging messiah.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Power to the Power point

Today i spent all day doing a power point presentation. I have not done one in a while, and all i remembered was the cool animations you could add in to spice up the presentation. Well, now i am older and these animations no longer hold my interest, but I did realize how helpful a power point could be for conveying information. Now the world is ready to know about electronics recycling because i made the greatest power point ever. Get ready for knowledge world.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Waste and Be Wasted

What do these pictures represent?
They represent all the waste generated by Americans.
What do these images convey to us?
They convey that we need to not be so wasteful and need to recycle.
How are these images supposed to make us feel?
They make us feel wasteful and lazy for letting so much waste build up without doing anything about it.
Why do you think that the artist chose to create these photographs?
He created them to create awareness about all the waste in America.
How hard do you think that it was to create the photos?
Not that hard because everything photographed was right there for him.

One picture in particular that bothers me, is one involving cellphones. The photo is a shot of thousands of cellphones. Judging by the size of the cellphones in the pictures, this picture was taken from reasonably far away but you can not see anything but cellphones. This represents a problem of being wasteful and unresourceful.

To solve the problem of being wasteful we could melt down all the cellphones and make new stuff out of the materials gained from them.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Guidlines To Life (or a power point presentation)

1. It must have both diagrams and text.
2. All slides must be brief, but informative.
3. There should be no unnecessary animations or unprofessional aspects of the presentation.
4. Do not write in all caps ever.
5. Use contrasting colors with the background and text so that it is clearly visible.
6. Have a simple background that is not distracting.
7. Use a font that is as big as possible so it is easy to read.
8. Use simple fonts rather than fancy ones.
9. Use different words than those on the slides when you are discussing them.
10. Do not just be looking at the slides, be looking at the people you are presenting to.

MLA. Hooray.

Both me and my partner Joel met nearly all MLA guidlines. We had one inch margins, the right font, a well done heading, and the page number and last name on each page. We both had a work citied page on another page, but his was titled bibliography instead of work citied which is the only thing i could find on either of our papers that wasn't perfect.

Slide Show Software

Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office Impress, and IBM Symphony Presentations are all used to make slide shows. IBM Symphony was not on any computers so i do not have any more details on that, but out of Microsoft and Open Office, i think that Open Office was easier to use. Open office had a cleaner, more manageable interface, while Microsoft's was plain and not very helpful. Open Office gave you everything you need right away, while it seemed like you needed to already know what you were doing when using Microsoft even though it did not offer more stuff. One of the best features of Open Office is the simple addition of tabs that let you view and edit your slide show in different ways.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today I followed the path set by my good friend, Buddha, and spent all day, not mediating, but reading blogs, which to me is even more enlightening. In this adventure I read about the ban of "extreme hugging" in schools, this guy who hates black people, and a kitten who survived twenty minutes in a dishwasher. If that is not the path to enlightenment, dear reader, then i do not know what is.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


1. I am writing a paper, keeping up with many online blogs, and blogging daily in my blog.
2. My paper is about electronic recycling, why it is important and how to do it.
3. I am writing this paper to begin critical thinking, and to help the community.
4. It must be double spaced, have 1 inch margins, have a header with last name and page number in the top right, you must use a legible font like times new roman or courier, and in the upper left-hand corner of the first page, list your name, your instructor's name, the course, and the date.
5. I am using MLA format because it is the standard for writing papers and will make my essay easily accessible to all readers.
6. The parts that were added to my paper yesterday were a bibliography and a section describing which parts of the TEKs apply to my paper.
7. I have learned how to maintain a blog, how to format pages by MLA standard, and how to keep up with the blogging world.
8. I want to learn how to use photoshop and other software i have little exposure to.
9. I need to keep in mind that i am talking to people who are like myself, and who will not listen to me if i am not interesting.
10. I did not understand how to format pages on zoho.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Essay. Hooray!

Now i can see no better way to spend the time slot of 9:56-10:52, than typing away at an informative essay of good old electronic recycling. While i would normally be spending this time sleeping, school has shook me from my peaceful slumber and slapped me in the face with an essay. Not an abusive slap, but an encouraging slap, a Wyatt you need to do something with you life slap. So thank you school, for making me a better person.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Whimsical Wyatt and Microsoft Word

Microsoft word seems so simple, just insert text, no problems, yet when i attempted to use it, problems ensued. I could not figure out how to get my name to go with the page number. Using my office assistant Albert Einstein I realized that i could just double click the number and then enter my name. Problem solved.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Captain Planet meets the Messiah

For all you faithful followers of the blogging messiah, I apologize for that informative and uncharacteristic post from a few minutes ago. However, I grew up as a fan of captain planet, and with the environment in question, I know nothing else other than uniting the planeteers. So, dear reader, for a short period of time at least, the apostles of the blog are going to be doubling as planeteers. Really though, I understand the wiki is more of any enemy then toxins in a computer could ever be. So stay classy subscriber. Read blogs, recycle electronics, and love life.

Electronics Recycling

Computers are a main contributor to electronic waste, which poses a major disposal issue, as various components of computers are toxic to the environment. The Institute for LocalSelf-Reliance , estimates that 75% of electronics not being used, which will create a massive disposal problem in the future. I chose electronics recycling to do my part in preventing this. My focus will be on recycling electronics in the school, and educating those in the school about electronic recycling and hopefully it will spread from there. This subject effects me, and everybody else in the world, because the fate of the environment is our responsibility and its pollution effects everyone. Some of my sources are and . It is pretty easy to find information about this. The most important thing people should know about my topic is just that if we want to keep the environment from declining even more, we must recycle electronics. With the technological age we live in, we must learn how to dispose of electronics correctly. Also many components of electronics can be reused which is another reason to recycle.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Apostles Disbanded

Ignore my last post, dear reader. This project must be done individually. Back to the drawing board for me. I will succeed though, and solve some problems, so all is well in the whimsical world of Wyatt.

The Apostles United

The TEKs says use teamwork to solve problems. This, dear reader, was hard for me because I am a one man team. I fight wikis alone, I do math alone, and i don't do much else, but if I did other stuff, I would do it alone. Or at least until recently. Given the task of doing a project, I was lost. I am to busy being a messiah too do something productive. My mind is too convoluted thinking about blogs to think about a project topic. Do not fret though, dear reader, Joel, James, and Jack arrived in my time of need and the greatest project ever is now in progress.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hardware Champion

In my life class (aka Computer Applications) I have been given the job of hardware champion. This means that if some kind of problem arises with hardware, i take care of it. My services have not been required as of yet, but dear reader, do not fret, i have not gotten rusty. When some malfunction occurs, I will spring to action and save the day, as has grown accustomed to me, being a messiah and all.

Friday, October 5, 2007

New passion

I am still the blogging messiah, but i am now also a math enthusiast. In my quest of enlightenment, I came across something almost as great as the blog, almost. Calculus that is. Today, I used derivatives to find the slope of polynomials. Molding numbers to you hearts content, dear reader, is almost as blissful as blogging. But i have no time for this lallygagging. The wiki is still at large. How can ignorance be defeated when so many fall into its trap. Please, dear reader, hear my plea, think before you wiki, you will thank me for it later. If my absences from fighting wikis makes my posts sparse, makes sure to check out james junky, blogg'n jack, and joel, the other apostles of the blog.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cops hate jokes

The police have no sense of humor. I was in a situation involving cops in which i was totally innocent. I figured since i was clean, I should try to lighten the mood. The police did not approve. Pot and scales were found at a residence i happened to be at. A police officer commented that there must have been drug dealing since there was a scale. Seeing the opportunity to calm everybody down, i decided to chime in with, "maybe somebody was just on weight watchers." The cops did not laugh. They just got upset. I personally thought it was a good joke. In another instance, i jokingly asked for a beer and a cigarette. This came about because they were accusing me of drinking. They would not give me a breathalyser or blood test but i was asking for whatever I could to prove my innocence since i had not in any way broken any laws. After being falsely accused, a said, "Since you think I have been drinking, you might as well give a beer to prove yourself right. At least give me a cigarette, this situation is pretty stressful." Well apparently this joke did not go over well at all. The cops just got mad more than anything else. Well f*** them then. I got off for being 100% innocent, and they just had another bad day of another bad life. Nobody wants to be a cop, except apparently those who hate jokes do. So continue being miserable cops, i will continue following your rules, while making jokes along the way.