Friday, March 28, 2008

The Helper Needs Help

I have been busy at work so I have not had a chance to blog, but if for some reason you actual read my blog, and you know somebody that works for Time Warner or AT&T, please let me know. I will update you more next week.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Suspended Suspense

Getting accepted into college was not nearly as exciting as I imagined it to be. There is no suspense, no drum roll as you open the letter, it is very disappointing. You get a big packet when you get in, and a little letter when you do not, which just seems like such an anticlimactic and flawed system. On top of that Lehigh wrapped congratulations around the outside which just made me care even less. If you were thinking about applying to college, do not, because it is nowhere near as exciting as the movies make it seem.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Power Walking Women

For my project, there is a certain woman (who will remain unnamed) who I need to talk to about getting a drive going. It just so happens that during this period, the period I want to talk to her, she leaves her office and takes a walk around the school everyday. She does it with another teacher. But they do not just walk. They power walk. And they look pissed while they do. I have never seen them speak to each other, or smile, they just grimace and walk. I knew I was supposed to talk to her, and they walked right by me today, but I could not do it. She was far to intimating. Moral of the story is, if a woman is power walking, let her be. I made the right decision and hope you do the same. My weekend starts today, dear reader, so I will be ghost for the next couple of days. But soon we will meet up again. Until then, dear reader.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordplay Wednesday

I realized that when I read blogs, I only look at pictures. Occasionally I will read the the words below a picture, but if there is no picture, than it is not worthwhile. This creates problems, because my blog does not have pictures. My words themselves are more beautiful than any possible picture could be, but I fear my blog is just skimmed over because of the pure text. If only those ever-judging eyes of readers could just see through my lack of pictures and see my blog in all its glory. If you have read this, than it is not for you. Enjoy the irony of that and take the time to wonder if it was worth it to take the time and read this. You may just be wasting more time, but that is risk that must be taken.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Call Upon Thee...

If you are a faithful reader, you remember the Computers for All project I was working. Along with some companions, we set a goal of getting computers those without them in the McCallum district. You may have thought that this prolonged silence about it meant I gave up, I retired my messiah alias so you believed I know longer wanted to enhance lives. If I no longer wanted to enhance lives, I would not longer write this blog. I am still deep in this project and have just made great strides. As early as this week, we are going to distribute our first computers. This is a monumental moment and You dear reader are here to witness it. Look forward to how it turns out in future blogs, but I until then get excited. We do not need computers from the public yet, but soon we may so spread the word. Make giving computers to me the new iphone. Having an iphone is cool, donating a computer should be just as cool. Think about it. Let the settle in and then like the disciples did for Jesus, spread my omnipotent word to the average man.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hooray, St. Patrick's Day... Psych

You may be paroosing through your day wearing green and trying to be as Irish as possible, but it just so turns out that instead of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, you are just being a fool. March 17th is usually the day to flaunt everything green you have in your possession, but to avoid conflict with Holy Monday, The Roman Catholic Church changed the date. The date was changed to the 15th, which means that it is already passed. If you like St. Patrick's Day like i like Leap Year Day, than it is quite unfortunate if you were unaware of it. Do not try and celebrate it today because you missed St. Patty on Saturday, because the Roman Catholic Church will not tolerate that. Today is Holy Monday and St. Patrick will not interfere.
And yes as you have probably noticed, I am back from another hiatus. There was no lack of motivation, only spring break. If you were wondering, it was awesome. That is all for today, dear reader. Enjoy your not St. Patrick's Day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Personality, Shmersonality

You may think I have been ranting recently, but really I have just been dropping knowledge. Today I will talk about another problem with voting and politics. People care to much about personality. We took a survey in class today about which candidate our ideas lean towards. Throughout the room all I heard was "I got Hillary, I will never vote for her," or "Oh but I hate this person" and worst of all "I still won't vote for them." Now, if your policies are the same as someone running for President, you should vote for them. Do not be a fool. Whether the President is someone you would like to talk to or not doesn't matter, because you probably will never talk to them. Do not vote based on personality. It can be a bonus, but if you vote because you like the person rather than their policies, you are a fool.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Why Whimsical Wyatt's World Is A Dictatorship

Do not make hasty assumptions on what I am about to write, dear reader, just listen up and let me attack your mind. We have this false sense that every body deserves to vote. Now I am all for a democracy and everyone having the right to vote, but we should not take it further than that. Trying to get people who wouldn't normally vote, to vote, is bad for America. If you have somebody that only votes because they are told to, then there vote is not one they really support. Everyone is telling me to vote, and while I cannot vote in the primaries, I wouldn't anyway. The reason is not that my vote does not count or that I don't care, but rather I consciously understand that I do not know enough about any of the candidates to make a decision. I have not followed the candidates much to this point and do not know their policies, therefore I do not deserve to be able to vote. My school is doing somethings to help get people to register to vote. I think it is ridiculous. If you can not fill out the little piece of paper and mail it in on your own, you do not deserve to vote. If you are not willing to take out the time to get it and mail it in, you should not vote. We should not continue to encourage everyone to vote, because the uninformed, not necessarily the unintelligent, should not be allowed to vote. If you know nothing about presidential policies or anything of the sort, your vote is more harm than good. You have no grounds to choose a candidate so how can it be a good decision. You can be uneducated and vote, but if you are uneducated about what you are voting for, than why vote. Stop feeling bad for people we should not feel bad for America.