Friday, May 30, 2008

Simple Circle of Doom

The third fact is another slander on myself. It is something that has embarrassed me since my youth and will continually haunt me forever. I cannot throw a frisbee. I play it off as frisbees not being cool or that i purposely throw the frisbee in the wrong direction as a joke, but i really just suck. I am an extreme disappointment in the most extreme of sports. Ultimate frisbee is the ultimate embarrassment to me. It may seem like as your omnipotent narrator that I can do anything, but when it comes to the cylindrical disc or doom, I keep my distance. The book will be slammed shut on Monday with the list and therefore my blog being completed, but until then, reminisce on the old times. My life is conveniently laid out for you on the right hand side of my blog where a simple click can bring you back to any moment of my life. You may wonder, well what about when you were a child, and the answer is, I never was. See my life both begins and ends with this blog. That is all.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Day 2. I have a confession. This may come as a shock to you, dear reader, but I am not actually Patrice Lumumba. I know my profile picture depicts me as the charismatic Congolese leader, but I am not him.
As you have witnessed, this countdown is getting heavy. You may not leave with a smile ever day, dear reader, instead it may be a battered heart and a tarnished image of your messiah as a fraudulent foe. Yet this the end of our time together so do not hold a grudge. I am the same person I have always been, I just do not have the dashing appearance of a Congolese President.
Tomorrow's fact is only 24 hours away. Mentally prepare yourself. You have been warned.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Now after a nights worth of anticipation, I will reveal the countdown list I promised. However, it is not actually a countdown, for the following facts will not be in any order. Now with the formalities aside, the list will be composed of things that I, your blogging savior, can do that you did not know. The first unknown skill is my culinary ability. From the presentation to the meal, I am no slouch in the kitchen. I can turn a bland evening into an extraordinary night with my chef's intuition. Due to my New York upbringing, Italian food is my specialty. If you like Italian food, than you will like my cooking. Otherwise you probably won't and this first fact will be an utter disappointment. Now I know you want more. "Whimsical Wyatt, you should just give four things everyday, we can't get enough," said the readers, but you must be patient. The drama and suspense are what make my blog so unique and worthwhile. Try not to lose sleep over the anxiety from waiting for the second one tomorrow. However if you do, I will make it worth your wait. Over and Out.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back For The Last Time

I have been gone for quite some time. Exploring the great unknown, traversing the sea of knowledge I needed to fulfill the prophesy. See much has happened since my blogging world was turned upside down and thoughtlessly abandoned by me. Yet I had no choice. Now that I am back, I must sadly inform you that school ends next week and i will hang up my blogging cleats for the final farewell on Tuesday. I will use the four days I have left to blog to recap the top four something that I will think of. My last act as your messiah will be to bless you with this countdown along with other priceless gems of knowledge to help you cope with the abyss of nothingness your heart will be without me. Even in my abandonment, I will not abandon you, dear reader.