Friday, May 30, 2008

Simple Circle of Doom

The third fact is another slander on myself. It is something that has embarrassed me since my youth and will continually haunt me forever. I cannot throw a frisbee. I play it off as frisbees not being cool or that i purposely throw the frisbee in the wrong direction as a joke, but i really just suck. I am an extreme disappointment in the most extreme of sports. Ultimate frisbee is the ultimate embarrassment to me. It may seem like as your omnipotent narrator that I can do anything, but when it comes to the cylindrical disc or doom, I keep my distance. The book will be slammed shut on Monday with the list and therefore my blog being completed, but until then, reminisce on the old times. My life is conveniently laid out for you on the right hand side of my blog where a simple click can bring you back to any moment of my life. You may wonder, well what about when you were a child, and the answer is, I never was. See my life both begins and ends with this blog. That is all.

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