Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Now after a nights worth of anticipation, I will reveal the countdown list I promised. However, it is not actually a countdown, for the following facts will not be in any order. Now with the formalities aside, the list will be composed of things that I, your blogging savior, can do that you did not know. The first unknown skill is my culinary ability. From the presentation to the meal, I am no slouch in the kitchen. I can turn a bland evening into an extraordinary night with my chef's intuition. Due to my New York upbringing, Italian food is my specialty. If you like Italian food, than you will like my cooking. Otherwise you probably won't and this first fact will be an utter disappointment. Now I know you want more. "Whimsical Wyatt, you should just give four things everyday, we can't get enough," said the readers, but you must be patient. The drama and suspense are what make my blog so unique and worthwhile. Try not to lose sleep over the anxiety from waiting for the second one tomorrow. However if you do, I will make it worth your wait. Over and Out.

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