Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Can't Stop the Prophet (Part 3)

I am back again, dear reader, and hear to help those in need. I have small hands, its a problem, but there is nothing i can do about it. If any of you share this problem with me, I do not have a solution, but instead a way to embrace this curse, which after this may seem more like a gift. Those Japanese are always up to things, and today they actually did something worthwhile, they invented tiny table top games. You can now play air hockey, hockey, and foosball table games, anywhere you go. They are small though, so beware big handed people you may not be able to play. But for you out there like me, rejoice that may this may shift having small hands to being cool.


You Can't Stop the Prophet (Part 2)

Now in all seriousness, blogs are law. And in today's society it seems like everybody wants to lose weight. So in honor of you, dear reader, i searched for some safe diets and found something we all can follow. James Skeates, a British man, lost 38 kilograms (sorry for the use of the inadequate British measurement system) in six months from eating baked beans. Now I enjoy the taste of baked beans and hope you do to, because this is a way to be filled and lose weight. While it doesn't really make sense to me, something about the high fibers make this diet effective. So think skinny, dear readers, and enjoy this tasty diet tip given to you by none other than the blogging messiah.


You Can't Stop the Prophet (Part 1)

As an apostle to the blog, today will be used to spread the good word. While blogs can give you all worldly knowledge, some can just give you a good laugh. One particularly stands out to me in this regard. Core77 has this great post about new innovation for a "crutch purse." Now i personally know nothing funnier than seeing a person on crutches slip on ice and fall, but this would take the cake. Seeing a person slip and fall while on crutches, breaking everything held in their "crutch purse" would be priceless. Thank you core77 for making an invention that can increase the joy I feel towards other peoples faults.


Monday, September 24, 2007

It continues...

Do not be worried by my absence this weekend, dear reader, for I was just letting the will of the blog be heard by the people. After only one post, I felt the power of the blog and changed from Wyatt a normal student, to Whimsical Wyatt the Blogging Messiah. I was cruising the internet, spreading a love only known to those in the blogging community, when a wiki appeared. Now as an apostle of the blog i could not comprehend this atrocity. Why would somebody post something that others could change. Do you let somebody else put thoughts in your brain. Well, dear reader, the messiah in me was unleashed. Website to website, and house to house, i found every ignorant wiki user and let the wrath of the blog be known. Do not cross my path if you are not 100% faithful to the blog, dear reader, because i will hunt you down. No mud bloods that tolerate the wiki will be able to handle the divine hand of blogging. Until next time, dear reader, keep reading, keep loving, keep blogging.


Friday, September 21, 2007

It begins...

My name is Wyatt. Now that i have a blog i feel like i have a personal relationship with every other person in the world. I hope you share this deep connection with me. Now that the formalities are out of the way I would like to introduce you to the class that started it all. While i was once incapable of doing anything productive on a computer, computer applications with Mr. Bjerke has taught me otherwise. I have learned how to make myself known, and you dear reader, should let yourself be known back to me. The computer is no longer the gateway to games and porn, it is now the gateway to knowledge and the betterment of life. So dear reader, i am signing off for today but i looked forward to the relationship that we will share and build for the rest of our lives.