Monday, June 2, 2008

The End Of The Road

I've lost sleep myself, dear reader. How to conclude this blog, how to sum up my life in one post. But I have thought of a solution. The fourth fact, the finale of the list, is that I, Whimsical Wyatt, may not be done with my blogging days. You heard it correctly, dear reader, I am too much a part in all of your lives to kick you to the curb. I am a man of the people, a man of my followers, hence the prophet/messiah alter-egos that you may see every now and again, so I will continue to lead you. The drought of diction that is sure to ensure during the summer will eventually, ease. You will not need to flee the country due to famine, I will bring the enlightenment back. This blog will be used to sharpen my skills, to hone my vocabulary, while making your life, dear reader, more enjoyable. This is the end for now, but I will be back again even though I swore last time that it was my last time. I am Micheal Jordan in his prime, I may retire, but I will come back far too many times.
And I purposely made the title misleading. Brought you down so I could bring you. Brought on a catharsis of passion and hope when you saw the truth. That is how you persuade the mob, dear reader.